Motorists in Wales are advised to pay close attention to their speed as GoSafe, begins enforcing the new 20mph limits in earnest. This enforcement marks a shift from the initial six-month grace period following the September 2023 implementation of the reduced speed limit.

During the initial phase, GoSafe prioritised education and acclimation through Operation Ugain. This initiative saw officers engaging drivers caught exceeding the limit, providing on-the-spot briefings on the importance of the new speed restrictions and fostering a culture of safe driving.

However, starting today, enforcement will take center stage in areas identified as high-risk through data analysis. GoSafe remains committed to its educational approach, with Operation Ugain continuing its outreach efforts. But for repeat offenders or locations exhibiting persistent disregard for the speed limit, traditional enforcement measures, including fines, will be implemented.

The 20mph limit has been a subject of debate, with some residents welcoming the focus on pedestrian safety and others expressing concerns about potential impacts on traffic flow. GoSafe assures the public that enforcement will be data-driven and targeted. They urge all drivers to familiarize themselves with the new speed limits and adjust their driving habits accordingly.

“Our primary goal remains promoting behavioral change to create a safer environment for everyone on the roads,” a GoSafe spokesperson emphasized. “Enforcement serves as a necessary tool when engagement proves insufficient to address specific situations.”

This move towards stricter enforcement comes amidst a backdrop of mixed public opinion on the 20mph limits. While some residents appreciate the focus on pedestrian safety, others remain concerned about potential traffic disruptions. GoSafe’s data-driven approach aims to address these concerns by focusing enforcement efforts on areas with demonstrably higher safety risks.