The Philosophy

SWVaux has the philosophy that it shall be run on the basis of a NON-profit making club, and be open to everyone who owns, drives or shares a common interest in Vauxhall’s and Opel’s. The club will listen to all its members on new suggestions and ways forward and each suggestion will be judged on its own merits.

The Operation

SWVaux will operate primarily on the Internet and will have its own area within the already established website and Facebook Groups.


Payment shall be via the PayPal payment method. This is so that we can easily track everyone who has paid, this will create less administration for club staff. The amount is per member with any excess monies raised during the year being used for the good and promotion of the club with input from paying members who can suggest and vote for its use, provided that the Club Admin deem it to not be damaging or detrimental to the Club Image.

A member’s payment contributes to the following: Web Hosting fees, domain name management, club equipment for the shows around the country (Banners, Marquee etc), and any administrative costs incurred.

Receipts will be provided when any money is spent from the club’s funds at the AGM.

This type of payment in effect nullifies the need for contributions that have been successful in the past, plus this gives more back to those wishing to support the website and club.


The club is run by Matthew.

By doing this he’s taking on the roles of Chairmen, Secretaries, Treasurers and Organisers. Should the club expand further beyond expectations, this may be reviewed and additional club staff may be appointed.

The Facebook Group is run by Matthew, John, Dan, Chris, Sarah & Kim.


The benefits of being a member of SWVaux include:-

Priority over shows (club members will automatically be invited to shows on a first come first served basis – depending on the number of show spaces available)

Invitation to a SWVaux Event

Discounts and special offers from selected retailers and traders

The opportunity to purchase official SWVaux Clothing and Accessories


As with any organisation, there has to be a set of rules here are the initial rules of the club:

  • All membership fees are non-refundable
  • If a club member is banned from the website they will automatically be banned from the club and their membership fee is non-refundable
  • If a member’s conduct is not in the best interests of the club (as decided by the board) then they will receive a warning, if this member was to re-offend then that member will be banned, and their membership cancelled and they will not receive a refund on their membership fee
  • The SWVaux logo or name should not be used without prior authorisation from the club’s chairpersons. If the logo is used then this would be seen as a breach of copyright and the member in question would receive a warning or ban depending on their current status
  • Any members that setup meets must get the permission of the landowner prior to the meeting taking place, this way it safeguards our name as such and makes the event a non-cruise
  • Any members or club staff that carry out any kind of work for the club that involves them paying out any funds will be required to produce a receipt
  • Any time you attend a show or event as a SWVaux member will be representing the club, care must be ensured to keep our good name