The Grand Tour trailer has been recreated in GTA5… and its brilliant!

With just over a month to go until the first episode of The Grand Tour will be available to stream on Amazon Prime, it appears that some fans are growing just a little bit restless. Some moreso than others. YouTuber GTA Wise Guy is one of these fans, but rather than moan about the wait time on the internet, he thought he’d use some of this downtime to create arguably one of the best game-recreated TV/movie trailers ever made. (more…)

The Grand Tour Executive Producer Andy Wilman Shares Details On New Car Show

After the notorious fracas that shook BBC Top Gear and the dissolution of the fan-favorite trio of presenters from the BBC, executive producer Andy Wilman and the three amigos went to Amazon. At the Edinburgh International Television Festival, long-time Jeremy Clarkson buddy Andy Wilman shared a few behind-the-scenes details on the long-awaited new car show and Top Gear. (more…)