Clarkson, May and Hammond have completed the first studio shooting of the new Grand Tour show in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We all knew that the new show would be shot inside a tent but the first images reveal a very impressive construction, with not only enough space for the audience but also with a very welcoming cabin-like atmosphere going on.

The three presenters were sitting on the central stage of course, around a table with the audience surrounding them in the same fashion with their previous show, you know, the one shot in an airfield somewhere in Britain.

We still don’t have any details of what they are up to though, with Amazon being really protective about their new show and its content. All we know so far is that The Grand Tour will air 12 episodes in its first season, with three seasons already signed for.

The movable tent studio is also expected to visit the United Kingdom, United States and Germany while the debut episode will air this fall at a yet undisclosed date.


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