While The Grand Tour has yet to be given an official debut date, the automotive world is waiting with bated breath for the new show to hit our screens. As we wait, another short clip of Clarkson and Co. on the road has been released.

Filmed while the trio were in Barbados, it’s aptly been titled ‘Wilson’ and takes inspiration from the iconic 2000 film Cast Away, featuring Tom Hanks and of course, Wilson the famed and sorely missed volleyball.

Although Clarkson gives us his best impression of Hanks, we still think the original can’t be matched.

We might not know exactly when it will air, but it’s been confirmed that the ‘studio’ segments of the show will be filmed in a large tent erected in a different city every episode. Additionally, producer Andy Wilman recently confirmed that 90 per cent of the series has already been filmed and that it will be available in 4K.

The first season of The Grand Tour will feature 12 episodes and a further two seasons have already been confirmed.



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