The Schleizer Dreieck racetrack in Thuringia, Germany, celebrated its 100th anniversary last weekend with the XS Carnight Classic 10.0 event.

Opel was a participant, bringing a variety of automotive legends, including cars from yesteryear, top models from the new GSe series, and a very special one-off.

The oldest Opel exhibit on site was the track racing machine from 1922. It was developed for fast cement tracks and built down to the lightest weight possible. The Motoclub 500 (built from 1928 to 1930) also had characteristic red tires and an innovative frame made of pressed sheet steel.

Fans were also able to see, hear, and “feel” the Opel Rekord C, known as the “Schwarze Witwe” (black widow). Opel Classic expert Jens Cooper drove a replica of the legendary Groupe 5 special touring car on a closed section of the track. The field of Opel cars from the past was completed by a 1995 DTM Calibra and the 326 kW/444 hp Astra OPC X-treme gullwing study from 2001.

Opel also showcased its new top-of-the-line Astra GSe and Astra Sports Tourer GSe. These electrified models combine performance and responsibility, with the plug-in hybrid Astra five-door achieving fuel consumption of 1.1-1.0 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 24-23 g/km. The Astra Sports Tourer GSe has a system output of 165 kW/225 hp and a maximum torque of 360 Newton meters.

In addition to the powerful compact class models, Opel also presented the Rocks e-XTREME, an all-terrain electric fun vehicle that was built as a one-off. The vehicle was created as part of the #OpelDesignHack competition last winter. The next stop for the unique quadricycle is the IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich from September 5 to 10.


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