You’ll likely never get to do OR experience this yourself, so this video will show what will happen when holding down the brake while keeping the engine on the limiter.

The crew from the popular Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube are branching out to other forms of destruction, and it shows what happens when a brake disc takes way more punishment than the component can handle in a new video. The result is smoke, fire, a flaming GoPro, and a spectacular mechanical failure.

The team decides that its Ford Fiesta doesn’t need front brakes and chooses to remove the discs through a very unorthodox method. The main host jacks up the front end, removes the wheel, and floors the throttle. With the engine near redline, he mashes the brake without getting off the gas. An initial trial ends after the other wheel has smoky burnout, but a second attempt gets the job done.

The resulting sparks and flame are rather spectacular. Eventually, the disc can’t take anymore of the extreme friction and self-destructs. The team has enough cameras in place that you can see the failure in slow motion and with a thermal camera.



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