Vauxhall has launched new PCP offers with equivalent monthly payments between electric and petrol versions of New Corsa, Mokka and Astra, alongside an enhanced Plug & Go offer with the option of a free home wallbox to help make driving electric more accessible.

Thanks to Vauxhall’s innovative five-year PCP offer, New Corsa Electric is available from £280pcm, Mokka Electric from £286pcm and Astra Electric from £421pcm, the same monthly price as equivalent petrol versions over a four-year period.  These prices do not include the savings that most EV drivers enjoy including a lower energy cost per mile (especially when charging on a specific EV tariff at home), lower maintenance costs, and an exemption from Vehicle Excise Duty and congestion charging at the present time.  

This also means that the electric Vauxhall special edition models, Corsa Electric YES Edition and Mokka Electric Griffin, are both cheaper per month with an equal deposit contribution than the equivalent petrol versions. Corsa Electric YES Edition is available from £251pcm compared to £274 for the equivalent petrol variant. Mokka Electric Griffin is available from £286pcm compared to £318pcm for the petrol equivalent.

Vauxhall has also enhanced its Plug & Go offer, which includes access to a variety of charging solutions to help make electric mobility even easier. Available to those who buy their car online, the offer includes a free Ohme Pro wallbox installed by Octopus Energy. Alternatively, customers have the option to choose one year’s free charging credit* at Tesco or a £675 credit with Octopus Electroverse, instead of the free wallbox.

Monthly payment parity

Vauxhall’s innovative five-year PCP on electric models allows monthly payments to be spread over a longer period, helping to achieve monthly cost parity with a petrol variant of the same model on a four-year PCP. The new PCP offers are available on Design, GS and Ultimate variants of New Corsa Electric, Mokka Electric and Astra Electric, as well as the recently revealed special editions – Corsa Electric YES Edition and Mokka Electric Griffin.

A lower APR rate of 2.9% means finance offers on all electric Vauxhall models are now more accessible. With a customer deposit contribution of £2,000, customers can also benefit from substantial Vauxhall deposit contributions of £7,450 on New Corsa Electric Design, £4,590 on Mokka Electric Griffin and £3,000 on Astra Electric Design. This means that New Corsa Electric is available from £251pcm, Mokka Electric from £286pcm and Astra Electric from £421pcm. The offers are available on new orders until the end of June.

Customers opting for a Vauxhall electric vehicle also benefit from savings on running costs. For drivers covering 833 miles per month (just under 10,000 miles per year), an Astra Electric Design uses just £14.98 of electricity, thanks to impressive efficiency of 4.2 miles per kWh (WLTP). In contrast, an Astra equipped with a 1.2 130PS engine and an automatic gearbox uses £117 of fuel per month†.  There are also savings on Vehicle Excise Duty and servicing costs.

New Plug and Go offer

In addition to PCP cost parity, Vauxhall has launched its new Plug & Go offer, which includes a free Octopus Energy Ohme Pro wallbox and installation when customers buy online, on all Vauxhall electric vehicles. This includes access to Intelligent Octopus Go, an energy tariff specifically for EV drivers, that charges you car when it is cheapest and greenest to do so and guarantees a fixed six-hour window to charge at the cheapest rates overnight too.

Thanks to Vauxhall’s new partnership with leading supermarket Tesco, customers also have the option to choose one year’s free charging credit* at stores across the country, or a £675 credit with Octopus Electroverse, in lieu of the free wallbox.

All new Vauxhall electric vehicle customers also receive an Octopus Electroverse card. Designed to simplify public charging, the Octopus Electroverse mobile app and card give access to over 700,000 public chargers from different networks across the UK and Europe via a single account. When combined with Octopus home energy, public charging can be paid through one simplified monthly bill. Customers who sign up to the Intelligent Octopus home energy tariff benefit from a £10 credit on all public charge points in the UK.

For added peace of mind, Plug & Go includes a battery warranty for eight years/100,000 miles and three years of roadside assistance as standard.

James Taylor, Managing Director, Vauxhall, said: “As we move towards offering an electric variant of every Vauxhall by the end of 2024, we are committed to democratising access to electric vehicles and our latest offers bring our range of fantastic electric cars to British motorists for the same monthly cost as a petrol car – or less in the case of the special edition Corsa YES and Mokka Griffin.  Our enhanced Plug & Go offer also demonstrates our continuing efforts to simplify going electric, with a choice of affordable home and public charging solutions.”

By the end of 2024, Vauxhall will offer a fully electric version of every car and van model in its line-up.

PCP finance examples

 Corsa ElectricCorsa
Version Design 136PSDesign 1.2 100PS 6-Speed Manual
OTR £32,445£20,535
Vauxhall deposit contribution  £8,290 £1,750
Customer deposit £2,000£2,000
Term 60 months 48 months
APR 2.9 %  8.9%
Annual Mileage6,000 6,000
Optional Final Payment £7,777£7,903
Monthly Payment£280 £280
 Corsa Electric YES EditionCorsa YES Edition
Version YES Edition 136PSYES Edition 1.2 100PS 6-Speed Manual
OTR £26,895£18,505
Vauxhall deposit contribution  £4,640£0
Customer deposit £2,000£2,000
Term 60 months 48 months
APR 2.9%  8.9%
Annual Mileage6,000 miles 6,000
Optional Final Payment £7,449£8,004
Monthly Payment£251£274
 Mokka Electric GriffinMokka Griffin
Version Griffin 136PSGriffin 1.2 100PS 6-Speed Manual
OTR £29,495£21,555
Vauxhall deposit contribution  £4,590£0
Customer deposit £2,000£2,000
Term 60 months 48 months
APR 2.9 %  7.5%
Annual Mileage6,000 miles 6,000
Optional Final Payment £8,285£8,906
Monthly Payment£286£318
 Astra ElectricAstra
Version Design 156PSDesign 1.2 130PS 6-Speed Manual
OTR £37,795£27,570
Vauxhall deposit contribution  £3,000£1,700
Customer deposit £2,000£2,000
Term 60 months 48 months
APR 4.5 %  9.9 %
Annual Mileage10,000 miles 10,000
Optional Final Payment £12,025£10,775
Monthly Payment£421£421


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