This weekend, there will likely be delays on the M4 as protesters demonstrate against Wales’ new 20 mph speed limit. On Saturday, September 30, an estimated 100 to 300 protestors are expected to attend.

They are anticipated to block the Prince of Wales Bridge and go at 20 mph towards Cardiff Gate. The group is described as “car enthusiasts.” On September 17, Wales became the first country in the UK to reduce the national speed limit on the majority of residential roads from 30 mph to 20 mph.

Protesters claim that driving at 20 mph is “more dangerous” than driving at 30 mph. They claim that drivers overtaking in 20mph zones will reach speeds of more than 30mph.

“We are starting it at 2pm, but as a car community (car clubs & enthusiasts), we are pre-meeting at Aust, at 1pm,” a spokeswoman for the car group stated.

“There will be between 100 and 300 people.” We will either stop the bridge or travel at 20 mph from Aust services all the way to Cardiff Gate, or both.

“We’re doing this because 20mph is more dangerous than 30mph.” People are passing at more than 30mph in 20mph zones, running red lights, and the resulting road rage is out of control.

“We know it’s unlikely to work, but we’re banding together as a community to give it a shot for the sake of our roads.”

Gwent Police are aware of the prospective demonstration and are preparing to mitigate its impact.


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