A new AI speed camera is being trialled in the UK, and it has already raised privacy concerns.

The camera created by Redspeed International, can not only detect how far over the speed limit you are travelling, but it can also pick up people on their mobile phones, motorists not wearing their seatbelts, and how many passengers are in a vehicle.

The camera is currently being trialled on the A23 in Lambeth, South London. It is not yet clear how many cameras will be rolled out across the UK, or when this will happen.

The RAC has said that the camera could be a useful tool for catching drivers breaking the law, However, they have also expressed concerns about the camera’s potential impact on privacy.

The Redspeed website says that the camera can be linked to DVLA and UK police databases to check tax and insurance. This means that the camera could be used to track drivers’ movements and identify them if they are breaking the law.

Some people have argued that the camera is an invasion of privacy. They say that it is not right for the government to be tracking people’s movements without their consent.

Others have said that the camera is a necessary tool to keep roads safe. They argue that it is better to have a camera that can catch drivers breaking the law than to have more people being killed or injured in road accidents.

The trial of the AI speed camera is ongoing. It is too early to say whether the camera will be rolled out across the UK, or what impact it will have on road safety and privacy.


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