Jürgen Klopp Electrifies ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup “powered by GSe” Teams

Jürgen Klopp is certainly one of the best football managers in the world. His football know-how and his way of motivating people have helped him win numerous titles over the years. His successes include winning the German championship and the German Cup with Borussia Dortmund in 2012, along with his victory in the UEFA Champions League in 2019 with Liverpool, which he followed up by leading the “Reds” to the Premier League title in 2020. In the new social media video released by Opel, the Rüsselsheim-based carmaker’s brand ambassador delivers an “electrifying” motivational speech to a very different target audience.

Instead of addressing a team of seasoned professional footballers, Klopp takes to the dressing room to give a special group of talented individuals hoping to make their way in international rallying a somewhat different team talk – those individuals being the participants in this years’ ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup “powered by GSe”.

“Jürgen Klopp is one of the most well-respected football managers in the world. He has a passion for electromobility, and rightly so, as battery-electric vehicles provide a sporty acceleration and performance. Having been the face of the Corsa Electric when we launched it, he is naturally supporting the first ever all-electric rally series – the ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup – powered by GSe. His well-known coaching abilities will make our top Cup athletes perform at their highest levels during 2023 rally season,” said Rebecca Reinermann, Vice President Marketing Opel and Vauxhall.

In the short video, 55-year-old Klopp points out that the ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup is about more than winning. “This is a revolution! The revolution of motorsports. This is the first electric one-make rally cup in the world. If this is possible, absolutely everything is possible! Be bold and show the world the future of motorsports,” are the electrifying directions the Liverpool manager gives his “new” team before sending them out to compete.

The 22-year-old German Cup pilot Christian Lemke raved about the shoot: “It was amazing! I had the honour of driving around Liverpool with Jurgen Klopp in our Corsa Rally Electric. My nervousness vanished quickly because he was totally relaxed and easy-going. A super-cool, normal guy who likes to laugh and crack a joke. The shoot was an incredibly cool action that fits perfectly with our Cup. For him, such a speech was normal – but when you realise in the course of the clip that it is not aimed at footballers, the parallels between the two sports become visible. In my opinion, Jürgen Klopp was the perfect man for this shoot.”

World’s first electric one-make cup: Exciting ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup

The ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup, the first electric one-make rally cup in the world, enters its third season this year – with the 100 kW/136 hp Opel Corsa Rally Electric as an exciting rally car. With its immediate torque of 260 Newton meters, the all-electric small car promises sporty driving from the very first second; perfect for rallying, but also for anyone who likes to accelerate briskly in everyday life and wants to drive with responsibility.

Klopp has been brand ambassador for the Rüsselsheim-based carmaker since 2012. He is recognised around the globe and has become a much-loved and well-respected football ambassador over the course of his career. In total, Klopp has featured in more than 20 Opel TV commercials – most recently in the campaign for the Opel Astra.

New Opel Corsa-e Rally is Ready to Go

The Opel Corsa-e Rally is the first all-electric rally car from a carmaker. The Blitz-badged electric vehicles will next year take part in their own one-make series – the ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup.

Four Corsa-e Rally cars from Opel Motorsport, in the hands of drivers Marijan Griebel, Horst Rotter and Opel racing legend, Volker Strycek, last week completed three days of testing at the Pferdsfeld Test Center. The 100kW (136hp) cars covered a total of 1,500 kilometres without problems. The Corsa-e Rally is based on the successful Opel Corsa-e, the winner of the 2020 Golden Steering Wheel.

Two complete rounds of the German Rally Championship (DRM) were rehearsed during the three-day test programme – including special stages, road sections and servicing. The unique features of electro-mobility, such as times spent driving and charging, temperature management of the battery and fine-tuning the software, were tested for the first time in a rally environment. The all-electric cars also completed long runs to test the durability of the new components.

“It was an efficient and successful test”, said Opel Motorsport Director, Jörg Schrott. “We gathered important data and information for the ongoing preparations for the 2021 Opel e-Rally Cup. Unfortunately, several test rallies with our development cars could not take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic. That made our rally simulation in Pferdsfeld even more important – as a result, the new Corsa-e Rally is now ready to go.”

The ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup will comprise eight qualifying rounds between spring and autumn 2021. An additional preparation rally for all registered teams is planned before the actual start of the season.