Average speed cameras are to be installed on the Evo Triangle following the funding from the Welsh Government, the transport secretary Ken Skates has announced.

The road network, which consists of three roads linking Pentrefoelas and Cerrigydrudion, including a stretch of the A5 near Denbigh Moors, has become notorious for crashes.

The funding will pay for the speed cameras to be installed on the A543 in Denbighshire on Conwy, the section of the triangle with the highest collision record.

Incidents of dangerous driving involving excessive speed have persisted on the route and the Welsh Government’s plan of action, which is jointly led by Denbighshire County Council and Conwy County Borough Council, aims to tackle such occurrences.

Ken Skates said: “I instructed Denbighshire and Conwy councils to work closely together to develop an improved solution to reduce instances of dangerous speeding as a priority. The proposal will address issues in the area referred to as the EVO Triangle and I am pleased it is being supported by a £500,000 Road Safety Grant from the Welsh Government.

“Safety on our roads will always be the first consideration when investing in our road network and installing average speed cameras at this location will discourage excessive speeds and improve conditions for local residents, businesses, and those who drive with care and attention.

“We want everyone to use our roads in a safe and responsible way and today’s announcement will help tackle issues which present risks to the travelling public on this route.”

The Welsh Government has previously provided £40,000 to the county councils to undertake a feasibility study for the route and a road safety practitioners group was established to consider issues at the location.

A second stage will involve the design and pre-installation of further safety measures to be announced.

Assembly members for the region have welcomed the funding.

Darren Millar, AM for Clwyd West, who has previously condemned motoring magazine Evo for promoting the route to thrill-seeking drivers, said: “This is absolutely fantastic news and something residents and myself have long been calling for.

“The cameras will be installed along the section of the ‘Evo Triangle’ with the highest collision record and will be completed in the current financial year.”

He added: “Safety along this stretch has deteriorated massively in recent years as a result of the glamorisation of this route to irresponsible motorists. There are YouTube videos that are encouraging people and petrol heads to gather in order to speed around this route and there are gaming companies which are also doing versions of this within their games in order to encourage people to visit.

“These speed cameras are much needed and will hopefully stop these irresponsible motorists from putting their own, and other drivers’, lives at risk.”

Llyr Gruffydd, AM for North Wales said: “I’m delighted that action has finally been taken to reduce dangerous speeding on the so-called EVO Triangle. I’ve been working with local councillors, farmers and the wider community to try to get the Welsh Government to take action for the past three years and am delighted that this is now bearing fruit.

“I hope the average speed cameras will reduce the number of accidents, deaths and near misses that this stretch of road has become notorious for. Due to some irresponsible publicity, it became known as an unofficial racetrack which encouraged a small minority to take risks with their own lives and those of other road users. Let’s hope this is now at an end.

“The sooner the work is undertaken, the better for the local community. I’d like to thank the community council, local farmers and everyone who signed our petition to make this happen.”


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