Will Young has accused The Grand Tour of airing homophobic content following a recent segment that centred on a car driven by Jeremy Clarkson as being “gay”.

The singer branded the Amazon Prime show “repulsive” and said he would be making a complaint to Ofcom after the hosts of the show made jokes at the expense of the LGBT community.

The Columbia Special saw Clarkson driving a Jeep. Hammond and May then suggested the car was gay, with Hammond stating that Clarkson needed a makeover because of it.

He said: “Maybe some nice chaps. Suede but ventilated at the back.” Later, The Weather Girls’ hit It’s Raining Men plays from the car stereo.

Young wrote on Twitter: “1. I love cars always have always will. 2. I loved going on Top Gear 3. Excited about watching new Top Gear and I’m afraid 3 heterosexual men SO uncomfortable with their sexuality that they reference in some lame way a Wrangler Jeep being a Gay mans car and then Hammond and May’s ‘quips’ to Clarkson wearing chaps, a pink shirt, he should get some moisturiser.

“It’s fucking pathetic and actually homophobic. And screw them and the show and Amazon (who by the way is a wonderful organisation I hope to forge a relationship with through LGBT content) for putting this shaming archaic tripe out.

“It’s insulting and they can’t rest on laurels of ‘oh we are just politically incorrect’ It’s sad and shaming, bigoted and for fucks sake grow up. How dare they stereotype gay men. I DON’T drive a Wrangler Jeep. I DON’T wear pink shirts. I DON’T wear arseless chaps. You can be honest and funny without this ridiculous ‘lad’ ooh being gay and let’s laugh about it mentality.

“It’s repulsive and how DARE you do it and put it out Amazon Prime”.

He also branded producers of the show as “obtuse, bigoted immature babies of men”.

When he received no reply from the streaming site, he then said that he would be taking the matter to Ofcom: “No word from Amazon Prime so Ofcom so beckons. Enough is enough and I’m pissed and fed up. I want Amazon Prime and the producers of The Grand tour to meet young LGBT who want to kill themselves because of shaming and laughter and normalising of shaming homophobic narratives.

“Your time is up and it’s time to take a stand. Is there a legal case? Who knows. Watch this space.”


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