We get to see plenty of vans entering the Nurburgring during the Touristenfahrten (tourist day) events. And we get it. Their drivers spend tons of hours behind the wheel, so spreading the legs of their workhorses is something that might kill the boredom and perhaps redefine the man-machine connection.

Unfortunately, most vans should stay off the ‘Ring. And that’s because the safe understeer built into their handling will only protect one so much, with the Green Hell ultimately biting them without any trace of remorse.

The latest example that comes to support this is offered in the video below. The clip shows a Vivaro driver performing some serious modifications to the rear end of his van, all with the help of the protection element on the side of the track.

The crash is downright ridiculous, first of all because the guy pushes the van in a way that makes him lose the rear end – yes, the Vivaro is a front-wheel-drive machine, with this driver experimenting one of the multiple ways in which FWD vehicles can go into full oversteer mode.

Not only does the driver spin his van but he also fails to step on the brakes in time, a move that might have just prevented the impact. And we’re talking basic driving skill here.



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