With all the focus on driver assistance systems, it’s easy to forget about the simpler systems that can help keep us safe on the road in case of emergencies.

Vauxhall’s OnStar system came to the rescue of John Cook and his partner Paula, after the couple became stranded after John suffered an epileptic seizure.

The incident took place when the couple became disoriented after being faced with road closures, diversions and traffic jams, and things took a turn for the worse as Cook started to need his epilepsy medicine and their mobile phones couldn’t pick up a signal.

It was then that Paula remembered the car had an OnStar SOS button, which she used in order to get her partner some help. Within seconds of picking up the call, Vauxhall OnStar had notified the emergency services and an ambulance crew was dispatched to their location. Afterwards, the man was taken to a hospital where he received some much needed medical attention.

“It’s no exaggeration to say that Vauxhall OnStar saved my life,” said Mr Cook. “Having it in the car 24/7, 365 days a year offers us both peace of mind. Through this activity I want to raise awareness of the service and also epilepsy as a condition.”




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