Vauxhall is partnering with leading supermarket Tesco to provide new Vauxhall electric vehicle customers with one year’s free charging credit at stores across the country.

Powered by leading provider Pod Point, Tesco holds 2,700 charging bays across 619 Tesco stores nationwide making it the country’s largest supermarket charging network, with a mix of 7kW, 22kW, 50kW and 75kW charging stations.

While the charge points are accessible for all EV drivers, new Vauxhall retail customers who purchase an electric Vauxhall car or van direct from a Vauxhall retailer will be able to benefit from one year’s worth of free charging credit when visiting Tesco.*

As part of the partnership all 2,700 charge bays across Tesco stores will be updated with a Vauxhall & Tesco co-branded livery.

With millions of visitors per month and over 3.8 million charging sessions per year, Tesco stores are found within a 10-minute drive for over 70% of the UK population, allowing greater ease and convenience for EV drivers across the country.

James Taylor, Managing Director, Vauxhall, said: “As electric vehicle sales continue to grow, access to practical charging continues to be a hot topic to ensure the UK can continue along its electrification journey, whether at home, on-street or at a required destination.

“In partnership with Tesco, Vauxhall is continuing to support electric vehicle drivers across the country, offering free charging for any new Vauxhall customer visiting a Tesco store.”

“We’re committed to electrifying Britain and helping UK motorists to make the switch to electric. We are excited to begin working with Tesco and look forward to seeing the UK’s charging network grow, allowing even more convenient charging solutions for drivers to make their day-to-day journeys.”

Vauxhall’s partnership with Tesco comes as part of its Electric Streets of Britain initiative. Electric Streets of Britain was introduced to address the lack of on-street charging provision in the UK, following exclusive research that revealed over 70% of UK councils surveyed did not have a published strategy in place for residential on-street charging for electric vehicles, and that 69% of local authorities had yet to install any on-street chargers.2

Through Electric Streets of Britain, Vauxhall has established an ‘Enablement Fund’ to help improve Local Authority understanding of residential on-street charging needs, working with leading charging operators, Connected Kerb and SureCharge.

UK motorists who want to have on-street residential EV chargers installed near them can register their interest at The information in this new national database will then help councils across the UK to determine where best to focus their investment and help as many people as possible to make the switch to electric. 

Clare Gregorio, Head of Retail partnerships, Tesco, said: “We’re committed to reducing carbon emissions across our business, including becoming carbon neutral across our own operations by 2035. We want to encourage our customers to make sustainable choices too, such as moving to electric vehicles.

“That’s why we’re delighted to partner with Vauxhall in providing the UK’s largest supermarket EV charging network, making it easy and convenient for our customers to top up their electric cars while they shop with us.”

By the end of this year, Vauxhall will offer a fully electric version of every car and van model in its line-up. Vauxhall was the UK’s best-selling electric van manufacturer in 2023, while the Corsa Electric was the UK’s best-selling small electric car and the Mokka Electric the best-selling electric compact crossover model last year. 

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*Free charging credit based on one year’s average mileage in a private vehicle (5,900 miles, Department for Transport 2022) and administered as a fixed credit value in the Pod Point app. For full Terms & Conditions, visit

1TfL Feasibility Study into Electric Vehicle Uptake and the Impacts of Associated Infrastructure (Source: TfL Electric Vehicle Charging Study)

2Vauxhall’s Freedom of Information research took place between May – July 2023, issued to 414 councils across the United Kingdom.


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