A lot has happened in the week Chris Evans announced he’s leaving Top Gear. Firstly, all of the remaining presenters will soldier on. Secondly, The Grand Tour is getting grander and grander. Now, though, rumor has it Top Gear is due a significant change of direction in the wake of Chris Evans’ unexpected departure.

Patrick Foster of The Telegraph writes that the higher-ups at the BBC are planning to take Top Gear to the next level with an infusion of fresh behind-the-scenes talent. In this regard, the British publication mentions that the BBC is looking for “a new series producer, who, according to a job description, must be able to manage their own emotions in the face of pressure.”

I’m not 100% sure about that, if I’m honest. Try searching for the term “producer” on the BBC Careers portal and you will get two results: “Assistant Content Producer, BBC Children’s Website Team Salford” and “Publicist, BBC Radio 4 & 4 Extra.” I’ve even searched through each and every job opening posted by the BBC in the last month and guess what? I didn’t find it.

Maybe, but just maybe, the position isn’t open to the public. Maybe it is a “Do you know someone who can do this?” type of employment opportunity. These said, changes are in the pipeline for Top Gear. As per the same story, the Beeb’s bigwigs are “considering a raft of radical changes to the next series of Top Gear, including the promotion of two junior presenters and the introduction of a regular celebrity road trip feature.”

It’s been known for some weeks now that Rory Reid and Chris Harris will help Matt LeBlanc front the show. As for introducing a regular celebrity road trip feature, it’s a good idea if you ask me. In Series 23 Episode 2, three of the presenters took three musicians in compact-sized SUVs on “the ultimate SUV test.” To be honest, it was one of the most enjoyable segments of the entire series. Even Chris Evans was bearable to watch on that occasion.

Whatever the future holds for this once-great car show, Top Gear needs a cold shower if it wants to get out of the hole Chris Evans dug it in



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