Three-quarters of British drivers would be happy for noise cameras to be fitted in their local area, a new survey has found.

Used car buying service ChooseMyCar spoke to 2,000 adults across the UK and found that 71 per cent supported noise cameras being installed to catch and fine illegally noisy vehicles in cities, while 67 per cent were behind the move in rural areas, too.

The strongest support came from drivers aged between 18 and 34, with 74 per cent of respondents in the age group stating that they would welcome the rollout of noise cameras. Support for this new technology was also higher in men than women, with 75 per cent of men behind the move, compared with 68 per cent of women.

71 per cent supported the introduction of noise cameras in cities.

Founder of, Nick Zapolski, said: “It’s not just about the noise that some vehicles – especially modified ones – make. Whilst that is undoubtedly annoying for road users and residents, it often comes with other anti-social behaviours.

“I believe that noise cameras could considerably discourage these sorts of dangerous activities, such as racing and reckless driving, and that could save lives. This scheme would be really important in reducing worrying behaviour on our roads, as well as noise pollution.”

Noise cameras have already been trialled in the Keighley area of Bradford, West Yorkshire, and will be moved to Birmingham, Bristol and the Norfolk town of Great Yarmouth over the next two months. They use a camera and several microphones to detect noisy vehicles, collecting evidence which can then be used by police to issue fines.


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