The new owner of Vauxhall, PSA has admitted it’s nowhere near making a decision on the future of the UK’s Vauxhall manufacturing plants.
Carlos Tavares spoke to The Times at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and said the company would not make up its mind until a Brexit deal was reached.

Tavares blamed Theresa May and the European commission for not reaching a Brexit deal yet, leaving Vauxhall’s manufacturing future in limbo while discussions take place.

Vauxhall maintains two manufacturing plants in the UK – one in Ellesmere Port in Cheshire building the Astra, and another in Luton building the Vivaro van. Questioned on the future of the two factories, Tavares said: “The Brexit question is something we are working on, working on the different scenarios.”

“In short, we do not know. But we do not know because we don’t know how Brexit will unfold. We have different plans for different scenarios.”

The two factories are currently set to continue building cars for several more years. The production cycle on the current Astra will end in 2021, while the Vivaro should continue for a few years after that.

Tavares continued: “We have to have some guidance from the UK government and the European commission on how they want to play the game.”

“The conclusion is all about efficiency. If we are highly efficient, then we are profitable. If we are profitable, then we are sustainable and nobody needs to worry about their job.”



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