Used car dealers revealed the often strange – and sometimes downright bizarre – requests they have received from customers.

CarGurus has compiled a list of the strangest questions asked when buying a used car after surveying thousands of dealers in its network.

Among the oddest was a customer who wanted to take a car home to check if his dog liked it before he committed to buy, while one consumer wanted to know if he’d be able to fit a coffin in the back of a Ford Mondeo.

While the survey results show a common theme of buyers asking questions around price and payment terms, below is a list of the ten weirdest questions asked by consumers before they decided whether to buy a car.

The strangest questions asked by used car buyers

Will a coffin fit in the back of a Ford Mondeo?
Can I take the car home to see if my dog likes it?
Can you make this left-hand drive?
Would you take animals/property as payment?
Can I check the chassis number to see if it’s lucky?
Can I take my 80-year-old wife for a test drive to scare her?
Can you fit it with a radio and tape deck?
Can you deliver it to Australia?
Can you put the seats down so I can see if I can sleep in the back?
Can you fill it with balloons and put a bow on it?


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