Ever wondered what your German plumber does in his spare time? Sure, there are plenty of answers to that question, but we’d like to focus on one that would float any enthusiast’s boat – perhaps the man likes to throw his van around on the Nurburgring.

While that may sound highly unlikely, drivers who enjoy the charms of the Nordschleife in their blue collar machines are a reality. And, to show you how such an experience looks like, we’ve brought along the piece of footage at the bottom of the page, which shows an Vivaro lapping the ‘Ring.

The video offers us an in-car view, so you can almost feel the way in which the whole car is sweating when going through the Carousel, for instance – hopefully, the re’s no cargo in the back.

And since we’re talking about the Nurburgring, we have to also add a lap time. This Vivaro gets from Bridge to Gantry in 11:38, but we’ll need a benchmark and van times aren’t exactly a trend. However, we can use Sabine Schmitz’s famous under-ten-minutes Ford Transit ‘Ring challenge as the yardstick.



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