The next episode of The Grand Tour, which will see hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May follow in the footsteps of the Paris-Dakar rally in a journey across the African country of Mauritania, has been confirmed for release later this month.

‘The Grand Tour: Sand Job’ will feature the trio completing a gruelling journey in ‘cheap modified sports cars’, rather than the rugged Dakar racers that are usually used on these routes. The trip will start on the world’s longest train, before driving through the Sahara and across various river crossings to protect their ‘precious fuel bowser’, which appears to be how the three will be able to cover such long distances without access to a fuel stop.

Though only teaser images have been released, it appears that the trio are using Jaguar, Maserati and Aston Martin convertibles as their chosen modes of transport, with each incorporating significant upgrades to help them with the journey. One image shows the three presenters standing in front of the trio of cars which appear to have been converted into rafts in order to manage a river crossing.

The new show will launch on February 16 and be streamed exclusively on Amazon Prime. It will be the penultimate outing for Clarkson, Hammond and May on the Grand Tour, with a final episode, which has already been filmed in Zimbabwe, due to be aired ‘later in the year.’

The decision for Clarkson, Hammon and May to leave Amazon’s hit show was announced in December 2023, bringing an end to a series which has been running since 2015. It followed on the back of the trio’s roles in BBC’s Top Gear, which had been on screens for more than a decade.

A fourth series of Clarkson’s Farm – which tracks the presenter’s trials and tribulations of owning a working farm – will also be airing on Amazon Prime later this year.


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