The fourth episode of The Grand Tour is just around the corner and based on the trailer, it seems likely some won’t be too pleased with what the boys have in store.

For starters, the live studio segment of the latest episode has been filmed in Whitby, just like episode 3. What is promising to be more exciting however is the curious road trip Clarkson, Hammond and May will embark on through the British countryside.

The trio can be seen driving three unique vehicles where they appear to have designed the bodywork themselves and unsurprisingly, it’s Clarkson’s which has already caused some controversy. His off-roader appears to be covered in nothing but animal skin and fur and has cow hide, various bones, wool on the seats and ears in place of the wing mirrors.

While many will be upset with Clarkson’s choice of bodywork, the challenge itself looks quite entertaining and promises to take us back to the hilarious budget DIY challenges of Top Gear.

Also set to be included in the episode will be a comparison test between the latest Porsche 911 GT3 RS and BMW M4 GTS.



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