The rumour mill regarding Groupe PSA’s plans for Vauxhall’s Heritage Centre has been working overtime these past few weeks (not helped by some in the wider motoring press wilfully misrepresenting the facts), so let’s set the record straight:

FACT: PSA is moving the Heritage Centre to another site in Luton following the company’s decision to relocate Vauxhall staff from Griffin House to more modern fit-for-purpose offices

FICTION: PSA is selling the contents of the Vauxhall Heritage Centre

FACT: There will be no forced redundancies as a consequence of the changes taking place

FICTION: PSA is getting rid of all Vauxhall staff based in Luton

FACT: PSA is the doting custodian of heritage fleets for all of its major brands

FICTION: PSA has no care for Vauxhall’s rich history

Further information relating to this news story will appear in the next issue of Performance Vauxhall.

[Source: Performance Vauxhall]



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