Motorists risk being left stranded today as they return to work after the festive break to find their car has a flat battery.

Halfords warns that a combination of cars being unused over Christmas, and motorists’ general unwillingness to check their car batteries, may “potentially leave millions of motorists stranded”.

1 in 4 car owners admitted they have never checked their car battery in recent research. 30% had checked theirs, but more than three months ago.

16% of 25 to 34 year olds don’t even know where their car’s battery is located.

“One of the most common causes of vehicle breakdowns over winter is due to a flat battery,” said Halfords motoring expert Ella Colley.

“Using your car’s heater, lights and devices like dashcams can place greater demand on your battery, and this, combined with leaving your car standing in sub-zero temperatures, could result in a less than positive start to 2019.”

It’s bad news for those who do find their battery is flat too, according to the research. Nearly 1 in 2 motorists does not know how to jump start their car.

This could be why Halfords says demand for new batteries generally DOUBLES over the Christmas period…


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