SUEZ and Pyrum Innovations AG have announced a new recycling technology for end-of-life tyres.

The two companies have entered into a one-year exclusivity agreement to build the UK’s first plant using a new patented pyrolysis technology for recycling end-of-life tyres. Over the coming 12 months, the agreement will see SUEZ identify a location for the first plant and initiate the approval process with support from Pyrum.

The planned plant will comprise three pyrolysis reactors with a recycling capacity of around 20,000 tonnes of end-of-life tyres per year. Pyrum’s patented pyrolysis reactor technology is a first for the UK, resulting in the recovery of high-quality raw materials from tyres, saving up to 72% of CO2 emissions in the process when compared with current recycling methods.

During the pyrolysis process, tyres are separated into their component raw materials – oil, carbon black, and pyrolysis gas. The carbon black is re-used in the manufacturing of new tyres, the oil is taken by BASF and recycled into new products and the Pyrolysis gas is used to power the plant. Through the partnership with SUEZ, the Germany-based Pyrum Innovations AG is expanding its extensive and promising pipeline for developing pyrolysis plants across Europe.

This new recycling technology represents a significant step forward in the sustainable management of end-of-life tyres. By recovering high-quality raw materials from tyres and reducing CO2 emissions in the process, SUEZ and Pyrum are helping to create a more sustainable future for us all.


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