French prankster Remi Gaillard has decided to go for a walk and with Remi being Remi, he got a bit carried away, putting on some road worker attire and messing with traffic in the process.

Anybody who’s seen an episode of Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner will find familiar scenes in the real-world adventure of the professional smile inducer.

And we can tell you this much: if you ever find yourself trapped in a roundabout as the more or less unsuspecting Peugeot driver in the piece of footage below, make sure to check your surroundings thoroughly. Use the facial recognition feature embedded in the human brain to compare the appearance of anybody in your proximity with Remi Gaillard’s face.

However, you should also be ready to look inside speed cameras, for instance, as the 42-year-old joker has a thing for dressing up as one – this isn’t the case in his latest stunt though, as the man actually turns to removing his clothes rather than putting on too much “makeup.”

Back in January this year, Remi’s label became the twenty-sixth most subscribed comedy channel on YouTube. For one thing, the channel now has well over 6.1 million subscribers, having gathered a total of 1,618,059,436 views at the time when this article was published.

Why are we dropping these numbers? Well, we’re expecting certain web users to be less than amused when coming across Remi’s… unconventional stunts, so it’s always good to have some figures at one’s disposal.

We’ll put on our Captain Obvious glasses and ask you not to attempt to recreate any of the stunts seen here. From your criminal record to your general health, the consequences of such twisted humor can be overly serious. So it’s best to head over to the “play” button below and stick to the YouTube giggles.



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