Let’s be honest here – many of us have dreamed of having a well-trained rally co-driver riding shotgun. It doesn’t even matter if one is seeking a commuting purpose or simple thrills, since receiving rallying-style instructions can serve both purposes at the same time.

Well, now there’s an app for that, with the development being called Rally SatNav.

The app promises to become your virtual co-driver. To be more precise, once you install it, the application will tell you the distance between your car and the entry point of each corner than follows, the type of corners (left- or right-hander), as well as the angle of the corner.

While that might not sound like too much of an interesting experience, the developer explains the app uses the angle pace note dictation method, which is explained in the PDF file you can find below.

Aside from the type of bend that follows, you’ll also be warned about the situation where another curve comes after the one you’re about to enter.

For instance, you should be prepared to hear instruction sets such as Caution (this will let you know there’s more than one corner ahead), 150 (the distance to the corner, in meters), right 4 (type of corner and difficulty), into left hairpin (the final sequence).

The developer is a British company and you can feel the young age of the project. For instance, all the examples seem to follow the British driving realm closely, without offering a more global view.

More importantly, the app is currently only available for Android smartphones. However, the company explains that, if this first version is well received, it will also come up with an iOS version.

Judging by the reviews we could find on Google’s Play Store, the users who have tried out the app seem to have reached a consensus, namely that, while the potential is striking, further efforts are required to deliver a truly cool experience.

Unfortunately, nobody has recorded a clip of the app in action so far. For now, we can only rely on the screenshots you can see in the gallery below. Here’s to hoping the sketchy development we see here evolves quickly.




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