PSA Group has yet to officially purchase Opel from General Motors but the deal appears to be done with company chief executive Carlos Tavares already planning the future of the Opel brand.

While speaking to various news publications yesterday, Tavares said that PSA could cut costs for the Opel brand and combine its development efforts while exploiting the appeal of German engineering.

“This company needs help. We believe that there is opportunity to create a European car champion,” he said.

Tavares also asserted that by adding a German automaker to the French brand, the company would have an alternative for consumers not interested in purchasing a French car. It’s even possible that Opel cars could be sold outside of Europe although Tavares mentioned that such a move is only a possibility at this stage.

“The business sense is to make sure that we can capture a wider consumer base. In some markets in the world we have customers who, despite all the progress that we’ve made, will not consider a French brand,” Tavares concluded.

If PSA Group does purchase Opel, it is expected to set the company back about $2 billion.



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