Drink driving is bad enough, but drink driving a car that’s missing its front tire is a different ball game altogether.

Norfolk Police were “shocked” to find one such driver on the A11 over the weekend, as they say on their official Twitter page. They responded to a call of erratic driving, but what they found topped even their worst expectations.

This seemed like too much for some to take in, because someone questioned them if this was “for real.” Unfortunately, it was, the police responded, and it could have had fatal consequences.


“It’s the shocking reality of what we have to deal with.. The wheel is bad enough but coupled with the drink…,” the police wrote in response.

Luckily, this time, no one was hurt and that includes the irresponsible driver who decided to take a tire-less car to a public road as if it was no big deal. As the Norfolk Police also say, this literally doubled the odds of an accident. So indeed, the fact that they were able to get there before anything happened was a stroke of good luck.

Further details about the reckless driver have not been released. The police don’t say whether he will be facing additional charges for taking his 3-tire car on the road, in addition to the drink driving charge.


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