Swedish brand is partnering up with Mattel’s Hot Wheels, with the winner being made into a real Hot Wheels model.

Polestar is running a design contest in partnership with Hot Wheels with the winning creation becoming part of the toy company’s offering.

Not only will the winning design be made into a Hot Wheels toy car, but there’s a chance that the creation could be made into a real production version of the model, too.

Entrants are encouraged to be as imaginative as possible with their designs, colours and performance figures.

Maximilian Missoni, Polestar’s head of design said: “This is a chance for all participating designers to really push that Polestar envelope and let their imagination run riot.”

The finalists in the competition will receive one-to-one coaching by Polestar and Hot Wheels design professionals to refine their final submissions before a winner is decided.

Ted Wu, VP and global head of vehicle design at Mattel said: “Both Polestar and Hot Wheels dedicate time, energy and skill to ensure design is at the core of our vehicles.

“The Hot Wheels design team has always challenged the conventional approach and the Polestar design contest allows the design community to showcase their skills and wow us with something we have never seen before, and we cannot wait to see the submissions.”

Previous Polestar design contests have seen a car which tackles air pollution with on-board and externally visible air filters, while an electric and helium airship has also been imagined.

Polestar Synergy, the fantasy electric supercar showcasing the coming togther of three winning designs from the 2022-23 Polestar Design Contest.

Juan Pablo Bernal, interior design manager at Polestar said: “I believe this year’s Hot Wheels collaboration will push the design community to work outside their traditional comfort zones by balancing the minimalist Polestar brand essence with the extreme Hot Wheels aesthetic.”

The Polestar design competition started on March 5 and runs until April 16 with a winner expected to be revealed in the fourth quarter of 2024.

More information about the 2024 Polestar Design Contest can be found at https://www.polestar.com/global/polestar-design-contest/2024/


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