If you’re up for six grueling minutes of watching somebody fail at parking their car time and time again, by all means, enjoy the show.

When we first came upon this video’s description, which read “6 minutes of total failure”, we imagined it might be a slight exaggeration or that at least the driver gets a shot at redemption by the end of the clip.

But no, we’ve literally just witnessed somebody fail over and over at parking a car which is no more than 3.8 meters in length, in a spot where you could probably fit a bus! judging by how far away that blue car is parked.

We wouldn’t be surprised if at one point you’d start rooting for that Corsa to just squeeze in already, because around the 2-minute mark the woman behind the wheel looks like she’s almost got it. And yet it’s like she’s not able to tell which way her wheels are pointing or how much room she has between her and the parked car.





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