Produced between 1968 and 1973 and in more recent times from 2007-2009, the Opel GT proved itself to be quite an impressive two-seat sports car. As a matter of fact, the second-generation model was exclusively offered with a 260 hp, 2.0-litre turbo four-cylinder engine.

All told, just over 7,500 examples of that most recent model were produced. Opel, however, seems to be revisiting this segment, as a new GT could be in the works.

A report from Autobild claims that a third-generation model is currently being developed, with the company’s chief executive Karl-Thomas Neumann leading the charge.

The new model could be based around the Opel Astra but, despite that, won’t look anything like it – it will use the hatchback solely for its underpinnings. Additionally, it is stated that the new GT will take design inspiration from the sleek Monza Concept introduced back in late 2013.

If that is the case, then the sports car would likely receive large front air intakes and a prominent front grille just like the Monza with similarly slim headlights also likely to feature. A 2+2 layout could be adopted, providing driving enthusiasts with some level of practicality.

If it comes to fruition, then there’s a possibility the new Opel GT will utilize a turbocharged four-cylinder engine delivering up to 295 hp, with a potential launch in 2018.





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