Two very different rides from very different eras went head to head down the drag strip, and one of them was declared the big winner.

The Kadett in question has plenty of power to make a statement. According to the description in the film posted below, its engine pushes out some 592bhp. That’s about the same the Lamborghini Huracan, whose naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine is good for 601bhp in the LP610-4 flavor.

After testing the waters against the Italian supercar, the Kadett tried its luck against some other fast machines. A Porsche Panamera then lined up at the start line, with its driver confident that his ride has what it takes to put the powerful Opel Kadett in its corner.

Next came a heavily modded Volkswagen Golf Mk2, with some 850 horses and all-wheel drive, followed by a couple of other tuned cars.

As for how it managed the situation, well, nobody was humiliated that day, but a few important lessons were taught. So, this is the part where you have to scroll down and check out the video for yourselves to see if the said Opel Kadett is as mean in the real world as it appears to be on paper.


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