Close to one in five drivers has said that they’d delayed their recommended two-year eyesight check-up, a new survey has found.

The study also found that 6% of drivers believed it had been more than five years since their last eye test.

The study of 2,113 drivers conducted by Glasses Direct Transitions also found that 14% of drivers admitted to avoiding going to the optician for fear of losing their driving licence.

David Hutchfield, qualified optician and head of professional services from Glasses Direct said: “If you need to wear glasses for driving — indicated by a 01 code under section 12 on your driving licence — then you must also get sunglasses that adhere to your prescription and not just off-the-shelf glasses.

“Concerningly, this doesn’t seem to be common knowledge as only 5% of drivers who are required to wear glasses (and have the code) could accurately identify it”.

Seven per cent have delayed their driving test because they’re worried about losing their independence, while a further four per cent know they need to go to the opticians but can’t afford the required changes to their prescription.

These figures also worsen with age, with the over 65s the most likely group to risk driving dangerously. The survey also found that 14 per cent of drivers had been involved in a collision or near-miss because of impaired vision on the road.


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