Those of you who caught the second episode of season two of The Grand Tour, also had the chance to see “The Driver” in action, the show’s replacement for “The American”.

Her name is Abbie Eaton, and she is the new queen of the Eboladrome, with two championship titles, 25 wins, 38 podiums and 16 fastest laps marked down in her 8-year racing career resume.

Aside from being just 25 years old and already one of the most successful female racing drivers in the UK, she’s also a qualified racing instructor and a performance driving coach.

In her first appearance on The Grand Tour, she got to sample the new Mercedes-AMG GT R, which she took around the Eboladrome in just 1:18.7 sec, less than a second shy of the McLaren 650S’ time and half a second quicker than the Audi R8 V10 Plus.


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