A learner driver has been banned from driving for 3 years & jailed for 8 months after leading police on a high-speed chase at speeds reaching 137 mph.

The Daily Mail reports that Devon and Cornwall police attempted to pull over the Subaru Impreza being driven by 23-year-old Leon Lloyd because the car didn’t have insurance. Despite initially pulling into a layby, he decided to speed away in an attempt to outrun the police.

Dashcam footage from the police car shows that it simply couldn’t keep up with the Impreza as it sprinted off into the distance. However, after approximately 9 miles of trying to flee from officers, the engine of the Subaru blew up, leaving plume’s of blue smoke, allowing officers to catch up.

Mr Nigel Wraith, prosecuting, said.”The police were surprised the Subaru could go that fast, and in fact its engine blew up. There was no insurance and Lloyd only had a provisional licence.”

Lloyd admitted that he was driving the car dangerously and without insurance or a license.

Jailing Lloyd for eight months, Judge Timothy Rose said: ‘There is no way you could have a vehicle travelling at that speed under control.

‘There were dozens and dozens of vehicles coming towards you. One slight hiccup with the steering wheel would have caused a collision with possible multiple fatalities.

‘The driving in this case was shockingly dangerous. There was a period when the police were driving at more than 135 mph and making no progress.

‘This was a sustained and prolonged period in which you drove with complete disregard for road marking, speed limits and the safety of other drivers.’


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