The fracas saga has officially ended with Jeremy Clarkson making a public apology and paying around £100,000 to Oisin Tymon, the Top Gear producer who was attacked in the famous incident.

Tymon who suffered a split lip as a result of the assault is to withdraw a personal injury and racial discrimination claim as he was seeking a six-figure sum in damages.

Jeremy Clarkson released a statement today saying: “I would like to say sorry, once again, to Oisin Tymon for the incident and its regrettable aftermath. I want to reiterate that none of this was in any way his fault.”

“I would also like to make it clear that the abuse he has suffered since the incident is unwarranted and I am sorry too that he has had to go through that. I am pleased that this matter is now resolved. Oisin was always a creatively exciting part of Top Gear and I wish him every success with his future projects.”

The true figure of the settlement remains confidential but it is said to be in the low six-figures. Tymon will return to work at the BBC after months off work.

Mr Tymon’s lawyer, Paul Daniels said to Telegraph: “The action involving Mr Tymon has been concluded. Oisin is keen to put the matter behind him now that it has been brought to a close. Oisin greatly appreciates all of the support he has received, including from the BBC. He remains focused on the creative work he loves at the BBC.”


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