Grand Tour fans, you can start revving your engines because series two will arrive before you know it.

During an appearance on The One Show yesterday, according to Digital Spy, may reportedly said “October is when you’ll first be able to see it but after that, you’ll be able to see it whenever you want, of course. I’m told to say that!”

The co-host wouldn’t devolve clues about the upcoming season but confirmed it’s “quite an expensive show to make.” As he explained “There’s a lot of travel involved. There’s a lot of crew involved. There’s a lot of tech involved, filming in 4K.”

While some fans weren’t fond of particular parts of the show, namely celebrity brain crash and the annoying comments of fake Stig, May promised changes are coming. Saying “It’s going to look largely the same”, the former Top Gear host confirmed “we’ve moved it on a bit in a way.”

That’s not much to go on but Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May were caught earlier this year filming a segment in Zadar, Croatia. That particular episode will apparently feature the Ariel Nomad and the Audi TT RS.


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