While the transformation of the plot, from a movie that had plenty of racing to match its action scenes, to an action movie with a few racing scenes, has bothered many, few have bothered to care about the objects destroyed in the series.

Insure the Gap teamed up with Nacho Llacer, a classic car consultant, to discover just how extensive and costly were the damages that are portrayed in the franchise.

All 13 hours of the series were watched with considerable attention, which was probably difficult in itself, and the seven films were added up to discover a total cost of £419,446,914. That includes cars, buildings, and objects that were destroyed in these movies.

In just seven films, 169 car were damaged, and 142 were destroyed, and that is just if you count “regular cars.” The “special vehicles” that were totaled add up to 37, while the number of buildings that were damaged reaches 53 with 31 being destroyed.

The most expensive car crashed in Fast and Furious is the Lykan Hypersport, which was built by W Motors to be used in the movie. The study made by Insure the Gap also revealed that Fast 5 marked a significant increase in damage, which is probably linked to its story and directors, along with the new additions to the cast. Jason Statham lead the way when the added value of damage is considered.

The same film from the series has marked a significant increase in “severe damage to vehicles,” and that trend has grown with Furious 7.

After Tokyo Drift, the amount of destruction in Fast and Furious films has increased by more than double, just for the sake of entertainment. Furious 7 was the most expensive, with an estimated £230 million in damage.



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