Drivers of diesel engined cars face new taxes if a new proposition made by the Government is to be approved.

The proposal wants to impose “toxin taxes,” which could be as high as £20 a day in 35 cities across the UK. While newer cars might be exempt, the move would restrict the use of older cars and commercial vehicles, which are not compliant with the latest emissions regulations.

Instead of an outright ban, which would have affected the car market in the country, this tax, which has yet to be approved, is linked to the use of those vehicles.

If drivers do not enter the affected city or town centres, they are not affected by the move.

London already has a congestion charge, and this move would effectively bring two taxes to access the capital with an older diesel cars.

The bans and charges proposed by the Government will also affect trucks, buses, taxis, and any vehicle, without significant exceptions. According to The Times, about ten million cars could be liable to pay the new charges.



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