One driver is caught speeding on the roads of Britain every 75 seconds, according to new data.

An investigation by insurance company Direct Line found that, on average, more than 1,000 motorists are caught breaking the speed limit every day, with almost 1.25 million speeding incidents recorded by police between the start of 2015 and the end of 2017.

Almost two-thirds of all speeding offences were recorded are in 30 mph zones, while only 8% were on motorways.

In 30 mph zones, speeding motorists were found to be driving at an average of 39.2 mph, while the average speed of those caught on motorways was 88 mph.

However, those caught speeding in 40 mph zones were guilty of the largest infractions, clocking an average of 61.4 mph.

According to Direct Line, speeding is an important issue in road safety, with police identifying speed as a contributory factor in almost a quarter (24 percent) of all fatal accidents.

Rob Miles, director of car insurance at Direct Line, said: ‘Speeding can kill, but people still drive far too fast on Britain’s roads, even in areas specially designated as lower limits because of the risk to pedestrians. It is important to remember just how much difference speeding can make to reaction and braking speeds, and always account for poor weather and light as they can also affect a driver’s ability to control their vehicle.’

Despite these statistics, though, the research also found glimmers of hope hiding in the data. The total number of speeding incidents fell by more than 20,000 between 2015 and 2016, for example, with the greatest reductions found in 50 mph and 30 mph zones.

However, this period also saw the number of motorway infringements rise by 56%.



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