With their all-new Astra, Vauxhall went the distance in trying to create a solid all-round wellness ambiance for the driver and passengers, including a top-class equipment option, the AirWellness aroma system.

Aside from the scented interior, the Astra also boasts premium wellness seats which are 18-way adjustable and offer what Vauxhall calls “superb back friendliness”. In fact, Vauxhall developed certified ergonomic seats which offer combination of massage, memory, ventilation and heating functions.

Other big features such as the new Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both part of the IntelliLink system and have been well documented in the past.

As for the AirWellness aroma system, it was specifically developed to increase the sense of well-being in the car. Vauxhall teamed up with French perfume company Azur Fragrances to work hand-in-hand for over a year before finally settling on two specific scents for the Astra, namely Balancing Green Tea (relaxing) and Energizing Dark Wood (refreshing).

Another bonus for Astra owners is that they don’t have to settle for just one scent, since they can now easily change the prepared scent pads depending on what mood they’re in.

While the perfumers were responsible for creating the scents, engineers went and developed the aroma system which can be easily mounted on the center console with the PowerFlex adapter (£60). The system releases the fragrance into the cabin after being warmed by five volts.

“Our unique aroma system is a perfect fit to our quantum-leap Astra. It fills the car with a wonderful scent. For instance, Balancing Green Tea is very relaxing and together with options like the massage seats, creates a completely new driving feeling,” said Tiny Muller, Vauxhall Marketing Exec.

The all-new AirWellness system is available for a price of £30, whereas the scent pads can be purchased in sets of four for £6.



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