Auto Express have reported that Vauxhall plan to launch a electric Corsa wearing the VXR badge, as early as 2021.

The new Corsa is due later this year and being built on the same platform as the Peugeot 208 will benefit from the electric power train earmarked for the 208 GTi.

Speaking exclusively to Auto Express, Vauxhall CEO Michael Lohscheller said, “You can be sure that we will have some positive surprises in terms of having emotion as one brand pillar of Vauxhall.”

“I think the electrification point is important; most people think electrification is for green reasons, for CO2 etc. It’s not only that – it’s also fun. I think that’s what we’re thinking of and how we might bring that to more people – but it’s just in the thinking at the moment

“We’re thinking about how we can bring electrification to a new level in terms of sportiness. This emotional aspect of electrification is important, so its not years away.”


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