Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May take The Grand Tour video game for a test drive in a new video ahead of release.

The presenting trio are set to return for a third season of Amazon’s The Grand Tour on 18 January, which will be the last in the current studio format with a live audience.

To coincide with the show, Amazon are releasing an episodic video game where you’ll visit the same locations, drive the same cars and take part in the show’s challenges from each respective episode.

In a new video, the trio fumble their way through a multiplayer split-screen race after struggling with the controls and some comical jostles.

‘I forgot to check what the special skill I’ve got is. It’s the drive yourself into the wall really quickly skill,’ Hammond jokes.

Clarkson also makes a dig at Hammond’s numerous crashes in real life, after he ends up striking a barrier in-game and not finishing the race.

‘There’s nothing unusual there,’ Clarkson says. ‘Hitting the barrier with smoke coming out.’ The game’s splitscreen even boasts Mario Kart-like power-ups, including High Tea where tyre-shredding cups and saucers litter the track and More Horsepowers granting a speed boost.

The Grand Tour video game will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 15 January.


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