Every car story comes with its own prequel: that pinnacle memory of your childhood
dreams. For many of us, those fondest recollections took place when we were four-
wheel loving children.

Creator and Founder of Facts Disc – Paul Tombs “When I was a little boy, I loved the TR6 – I always dreamt of owning one! And although it took me a few years to purchase one (… as Santa never did respond to
that ‘little’ wish), I can proudly say, that I have and continue to create some of my best memories in that car. From attracting my first serious girlfriend (who is now my beautiful wife), touring to Le Mans Classic, and being the occasional ride for the local Newly Weds, or just acting as my go-to work car, my TR6 aka ‘Little Tommy’ has been most present in my life.

It has even become the most iconic ride in Olney. Every year I pimp it out with some loudspeakers placed on the boot and sit Santa Clause on the rear as we then drive around our local town playing Christmas music and waving to all the children gathered outside their homes with their hot chocolates. It’s just a little tradition that we’ve been doing for over a decade now, to mark the beginning of the Christmas

Sharing about my car using my Car Facts Disc, means sharing about me. I look back at all those years that ‘Little Tommy’ and I have cared for each other and see that every little memory snippet reminds me of the adventurous life we continue to live”. 

Car Facts Disc is a timeless gift enabling you to take a walk down the memory lane and helps to preserve your earliest memories in a way that can be built on, as your ownership continues and the power of storytelling becomes significantly more valuable. 
Sharing a full season of tours, drives, shows or potential restoration work, now is the perfect time to sit down and tell your car’s unique story.

Available exclusively at www.factsdisc.com to our club at 20% off (until Dec 31st 2023) when using code: XMASGIFT at the checkout. Discs range from £17 to £25 for the gift packs (it’s a one-off purchase).


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