We still don’t know what car these custom brake calipers went on, but the guy who had the idea must be a mad genius. Yellow or red is commonly seen, so if you want people to notice what’s behind your alloys, they need to see something unexpected.

An unidentified car lover by the name of Tzutzu Tzu caught the attention of Dub05 magazine with his custom caliper paintjob. He chose to color them in white and orange while also adding the Kinder logo.

Kinder is a famous line of sweets named after the German word for kids. It’s been in business since 1967 and makes the famous Surprise eggs, as well as snacks like the Bueno. Somehow, a company that sometimes puts toy cars inside eggs is a perfect match for 1/1 scale performance car.

Like we said, identifying the car these brakes went on is impossible. But there’s something that screams “Volkswagen Group” about the design of the 6-piston front calipers. We’ve found a guy on Facebook with the user Tzutzu Tzu. He’s from Romania and clearly a VW fanatic, judging from his widebody custom Lupo and Skoda Fabia vRS. Our best guess is that these Kinder calipers came from something like a Porsche Cayman or a Golf GTI and were going to something that’s 100% custom.



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