German magazine Auto Bild says the Astra is going to be the latest rival for the Golf R. Just like the Megane RS, it will sell only as a practical 5-door, which will anger some purists.

Like the Megane, the hot Astra is rumored to have around 300 horsepower. You might presume that it comes from a 2.0-liter turbo, like the one found in the old VXR, but you’ll be wrong. Apparently, the space under the hood of the Astra K is too small for that engine, so they will use a high-strung 1.6-liter instead.

The German magazine goes on to claim that the Astra will be FWD-only and fitted with a 6-speed manual. That makes perfect sense. Scheduled to be revealed towards the end of 2017, it could debut as early as next month at the IAA in Frankfurt.


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