The very last ‘reasonably priced car’ of Clarkson, Hammond and May’s era as Top Gear Hosts is up for sale.

One of the show’s Astra’s was sold on eBay last year for £17,800. Top Gear had a spare manual car and an automatic to cover all the bases for its guests.

But it’s not clear whether this one, being auctioned by Coys, is the main vehicle or the spare. It was apparently returned to Vauxhall after the show’s demise and has less than 3000 miles on the clocks. It’s got he usual roll cage and five-point harnesses, while the airbags have been deactivated.

Vauxhall has donated the car to an auction raising money for the UK automotive industry charity, Ben, which helps workers who’ve lost their jobs, are struggling financially or mentally or after reaching retirement, among other things.

The auction is this Saturday, February 18.


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