If you find Android Auto no longer works, you’re not alone. As it turns out, the latest update for Android Auto breaks the app completely for Vauxhall’s, and not updating is no longer an option.

More specifically, owners are now complaining that due to Google’s major Android Auto overhaul that is now being forced on everyone they’re no longer able to use the app at all.

And it’s all because using the latest Android Auto version apparently requires a software update from the dealership, only that this one comes with a pretty big price.

Since today I’m forced to update Android Auto to the latest version, while I was happily using v4.6 before to prevent issues with an Opel Corsa 2016 model. In later versions, issues arise and can apparently only be solved by a software update from Opel. Would’ve happily done the software update for the car, but this costs an outrageous 90 euros,” someone says on Google’s Android Auto forums.

The problem has already been confirmed on the Vauxhall Corsa and Astra, but there’s a chance other models are affected as well.

Some users claim they’re being told by the dealership there’s no new software update for their head units, which means fixing Android Auto is pretty much impossible at this point.

One Vauxhall Corsa owner, however, claims they have found a workaround which oddly enough comes down to installing the Twitter app on the phone.

The steps to fix the issue start with connecting the phone to the car and continue with the on-screen prompt that is displayed when Android Auto launches.

Let the app crash as it normally does and then, whilst the phone is still connected to your car open Twitter, scroll to any video post (I normally use ad videos as you come across these pretty regularly), click on the video to allow it to go full screen on your phone and then back out of the video again. As soon as I do this Android Auto comes up on my Intellilink screen and functions completely fine,” the Corsa owner called Mike Ledgerwood says.

At this point, neither Google nor Vauxhall have acknowledged an Android Auto issue breaking the latest versions of the app on Corsa and Astra models.


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